Subscriber stats - 11/05/08

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T-Mobile USA had almost 31m mobile subs at the end of March, adding over 980k new users during the quarter.

Orange doubled its mobile broadband subscribers to 14.8m, of which 8.2m in France.

France had 55.8m mobile subscribers at the end of March, adding 373k new users in 1Q08. MVNOs accounted for 2.7m customers or just below 5% of the market.

Romania reports that it had 23m active mobile SIM cards, 4.3m (+1.4%) fixed lines, 5.8m internet users (of which 2.1m are broadband).

Morocco announced its mobile subscriber base rose to 20.6m at the end of March.

Pakistan finished 1Q08 with 82.5m (+5.6m) mobile subscribers and a 48% penetration rate. But growth continues to slow. The leader remains Mobilink with 31.7m users, followed by U-Fone with 17.2m, Telenor with 16.7m and Warid with 14.4m.

Korea added 236k new subscribers in April and had 44.5m mobile users at the end of the month.

Orascom Telecom added 4m new subscribers in 1Q08, bringing its total to over 74m.

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