Vendor Corner - 11/05/08

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Huawei would plan to sell stake in its mobile handset division in order to help enter the NA market. In addition, it targets to double its handset production to 50m units in 2008, outsourcing production from Flextronics and Cal-Comp, but also recently from Foxconn that could receive most of the cell phone orders from now.

ZTE is also planning to increase its handset production to 50m units in 2008. ZTE unveiled a new “green” DSLAM improving carbon footprint and slashing power costs. ZTE claims a doubling in volume shipments of its GSM products in the first quarter.

Carl Icahn has increased his stake in Motorola to 7.6% (+1.2pp).

ALU will cooperate with Quantum SpA to develop terrestrial and/or satellite mobile broadcast solutions using the new DVB-SH mobile broadcast standard. ALU plans to close its Hanover Township facility site by the end of the year, moving its 2100 employees to its NA headquarters in Murray Hill.

Ericsson will open a R&D branch in San Jose, California, in August 2008.

Tellabs updates its 7100 optical Transport System (OTS).

Nortel unveiled a 1% royalty rate to vendors licensing its Long Term Evolution patents.

HTC unveiled the HTC Touch Diamond, a 3G smartphone, equipped with Windows Mobile 6.

NSN and Pirelli Broadband have signed an agreement for cooperation on 3G Femto Home Access solution. Pirelli will provide a wide choice of CPE models compliant with NSN' s open architecture.

RIM is expected to unveil a clamshell version of its Blackberry handsets towards the end of this year.

Aegis Lightwave bought CardinalPoint Optics, strengthening its position in OCM.

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