Financial Performance - 11/05/08

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Softbank (Japan) reports FY07 net profit of $1bn (+260%) on revenues of $26.6bn (+9%), with an operating profit of $3.1bn (+20%).

Bell Canada (Canada) said its 1Q08 operating income fell by 34% to $ 470m, on revenues of $3.7bn, up 2%.

Virgin Mobile USA reports a drop of 75% in Q1 profit to $4.7m, on revenues of $327m, down 4%.

Oi (Brazil) announced 1Q08 net profit of $276m (+42%) on revenues of $2.55bn (+4%). EBITDA grew 14% to $ 936m.

Maroc Telecom said its 1Q08 revenues rose 14% to $893m, with an operating income of $397m (+9%).

Hutchison Telecom International (HTI) reports $40m net profit in 1Q08, while its subscriber base increased to 10m (+59%).

PLDT (Philippines) said its 1Q08 net profit rose 21% to $247m, while its subscriber base rose 7% to 32m.

Cisco unveiled its FY3Q08 net profit of $1.8bn, down 5.4%, on revenues of $9.8bn, up 10%. 9-mo net sales were $29.2bn (+14.5%), while 9-mo net income amounted to $6bn (+11%).
Cisco has performed well, and said the tough times would be relatively short. US and EU customers were still cautious with their orders. Cisco, however, is gaining market share from rivals, and continues to be comfortable with the company's long-term revenue growth forecast of 12% to 17%.

Avanex reports FY3Q08 net income of $3.3m, from break even in FY2Q08 and a loss of $6.7m last year, on revenues of $50m, down 5%.

MRV announced 1Q08 revenues of $127m, up 40%, and net loss of $3.7m, vs a loss of $2.2m last year.

Juniper Networks said its 1Q08 net profit amounted to $110m, up 44%, on revenues of $823m, up 31%.

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