Market Corner - 04/05/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Infonetics, service providers spent $57bn on outsourced services in 2007.

  • ATT Mobility unveils its iPhone subscribers spend more than $100 a month, the double of a regular 2G user.

  • ABI Research forecasts that LBS revenues would grow to $13bn by 2013 (from $0.5bn in 2007).

  • According to In-Stat, there were 41m (+37%) digital set-top-boxes shipped in 2007 worldwide, for about $6bn. 11M high-end STBs were shipped in 2007, up 30%.

  • Kagan reports that about 12m US households (10% market share) adopt for wireless-only phone connection, and that number is expected to increase to about 26m by 2012 (22% market share).

  • Market research firm TNS Technology said that Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) will overtake text messaging and possibly PC-based e-mail.

  • A new survey from ComScore reveals unsurprisingly that coverage and price are the top two reasons given for changing operators. And price is becoming the deciding factor (+14%) to differentiate one service provider from another.

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