Vendor Corner - 04/05/08

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Sony Ericsson announces plans to bridge the Adobe Flash Lite and Java ME development platforms, a way to mix internet (primarily Flash Lite-based) and the cellular world (mainly Java ME-based).

Samsung introduces in Europe the first slider format DVB-H mobile TV phone, the P960.

Motorola announced applications from ecosystem partners available now on the MOTO Z10 mobile device.

Nokia unveiled three new mid-range mobile phones: the Nokia 6600 fold, the Nokia 6600 slide and the Nokia 3600 slide. Availability in 3Q08. Nokia would integrate more Linux OS in future mobile phone, as it plans to integrate Ubuntu et QT (from Trolltech: a recent Nokia acquisition) platforms in its devices.

Fujitsu will re-organize its photonic business, merging backbone and access networks businesses, to improve the development of next-generation photonic systems.

ALU introduced its OmniSwitch 6855 Hardened LAN switch, for use in extreme environments.

Calix Networks has joined multiple dwelling units (MDUs) ONT Alliance.

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