Mobile handset 1Q08 market

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According to IDC and crosschecked with vendor results, there were about 291.6m units shipped in the quarter. This is about a 14% increase over 2007, but down 12% from 4Q07 sales. As reported by most vendors, ASP was down in the quarter, with differences according to the price range and market segment. The top five vendors are unchanged, but ranking is either confirmed for Nokia and Samsung, better for LG with a jump to the fourth place, worse for Sony Ericsson with a shift to fifth place, and Motorola having again a disappointing quarter.

Ranking is as follows:

1 – Nokia shipped 115.5m units (+27%) and got a 40% market share (+4pp)

2 - Samsung clear second with 46.3m units shipped (+33%) and a 16% market share (+3.3pp)

3 - Motorola shipped 27.4m units (-40%) and a 9.5% market share (- 8.4 pp)

4 - LG with 24.4m units sold (+54%) and a 8.5% market share (+2.2pp)

5 - Sony Ericsson shipped 22.3m units (+21%) and a 7.6% market share (-0.9pp).

Motorola has now LG and Sony Ericsson on its heels and is in danger to keep its current position. Unless any external, short-term help, it is difficult to see a turnaround in its problems as most of them are coming from an unadapted portfolio. Nothing to be solved in next weeks.

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