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Bad time for Sprint Nextel: the Pivot partnership, formed in 2007 by Sprint Nextel and many cable operators to launch quad play offerings is dead. Main cable operators (Comcast, Cox, Time Warner) quit the boat and stop selling wireless services. The main reason given is that Pivot was operationally complex. It is an opportunity for telcos to push their own quad-play offerings as the cable sector is rethinking its strategy.

ATT commits to femtocell: it should have signed a $500m contract for 7m femtocell units over the next five years. It would sell the devices for as little as $100 each. ATT will also offer the Cisco Telepresence video-conferencing service. In the rumor book, ATT is said to be interested buying an Indian mobile operator.

Reliance has earmarked $500m to become a global WiMAX operator in several countries by 2012.

NextWave plans to sell US spectrum (in the 1.7/2.1 GHz band, 2.3GHz and 2.5 GHz) covering 251m population. It has also bought eWare World, a UK WiMAX operator.

NTS (Indonesia) plans to spend $1bn on network expansion, double the number of base stations to 3700 by the end of the year. It targets national coverage by the end of 2009.

Telefonica would be bidding for KPN (NL), according to the Financial Times.

DoCoMo will introduce a Linux-version for FOMA 3G handsets. Is it a first step in opening the Japanese market? DoCoMo has unveiled a new corporate logo and other re-branding elements that will be introduced beginning July 1.

Fitel (a GSM MNO in Taiwan) and Arcoa (an handset retailer /MVNO in Taiwan) have jointly launched a PHS/GSM dual-mode service.

MTS (Russia) has launched its EDGE/GPRS services in Turkmenistan through its affiliate Barash Comms (BCTI).

France: Free and Neuf Cegetel are testing their optical networks in order to share networks inside the building premises.

Germany: T-Mobile and Vodafone are pushing to roll out DVB-T mobile TV services in Germany in time for the start of the Euro 2008 Soccer Cup.

Skype has announced new long distance plans including an unlimited plan for international calls to 34 countries.

China Mobile plans to deploy 3000 3G base stations in Shanghai this year, in preparation of commercial launch.

Bharti Airtel (India) is considering a takeover bid for MTN group (S. Africa).

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