Regulation corner - 27/04/08

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A EU court has ruled that historical costs have to be taken into account for pricing telecom services. It is a big change as all new competitive access providers (and regulators) argued that prices have to be based on current costs of providing the service. What will be the impact of this decision on pricing is premature, but it opens the door for incumbents to rise their pricing.

Germany is planning the auction of a further block of radio spectrum. The award rules have been published and it seems there are no restrictions on the choice of particular technologies.

New Zealand will invest $1.5bn in deploying a fiber optic network for broadband services.

Taiwan has signed an agreement with Intel to promote WiMAX service applications for the telecom sector in the country.

Ecuador: the government has once again rejected America Movil' s bid (too low) to keep its mobile license in Ecuador. The current concession expires in August. Telefonica has also its license expiring in August, but plans to invest $400m in the country in next years. The government demands combined $700m from America Movil and Telefonica to renew concessions.

The EBRD (European Bank) will support the Albanian telecom reform with a new loan of €75m to Albtelecom.

Algeria: the government announced a 50% reduction of ADSL offerings in order to meet growing demand.

Ghana' s telecom regulator (NCA) plans to offer Number Portability, but no timescale is provided. It also plans to introduce a sixth mobile operator.

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