EU Top 10 MNOs

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At the end of 4Q07, there were almost 710m mobile users in Europe (including Ukraine and Turkey). The top ten MNOs accounted for almost 40% of this total with about 280m mobile subscribers. The top 10 ranking is made by decreasing size with TIM in Italy (almost 37m) followed by T-Mobile with 36m and Turkcell with above 35m. To this trio, we can add Vodafone Germany with almost 34m to form a quatuor that manages almost 20% of the European subscriber base. At a distance, a second pack of MNOs around 25m includes Vodafone Italy (29m), Orange F (24m), Kyvstar (Ukraine) and Telefonica (22.5m). Then three operators are close to 20m+ subscribers: O2 UK, UMC Ukraine and SFR France. For the first time, all top 10 players are exceeding 20m mark, but seats are expensive and moves in the ranking are seldom.

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