Market Corner - 20/04/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Nokia, recycled mobile phones are still several years away. But 40%-60% of the metal components within Nokia' s phones are already recycled materials.

  • Infonetics predicts that the worldwide fixed-mobile convergence infrastructure equipment market, including UMA infra, would be multiplied by 10 between 2007 and 2011, driven by large FMC deployments.

  • ABI Research forecasts that the open-Internet browser (OIB) segment for mobile would grow 9-fold to 700m units shipments in 2013, even if mobile internet usage on handsets has a significant distance to go in closing the gap with PC-based browsers.

  • A new Japan-to-Europe cable system will be opened in 2Q08. The system starts with a subsea segment between Japan and Russia, operated at 640Gbit/s, then connects to the Trans-Telecom Siberian network to reach Europe. The system is built by NTT and Trans-Telecom.

  • Pyramid Research estimates that mobile data would account for 29% of the global mobile service revenue in 2012 (from current 19% in 2007). Mobile data revenues are expected to reach $300bn by 2012.

  • Welcome to the new Open Mobile Video Coalition, an association of over 800 local TV US stations to test three standards for sending local digital TV signals to mobile devices. It wants to push for an open standard by next year to bypass telecom operators and eat in a $2bn mobile ad market.

  • A new report from Juniper Research estimates that annual mobile ads will be $1.3bn at the end of 2008 and would grow to about $7.6bn by 2013.

  • China is the world' s largest mobile phone making market with over 545m handsets produced in 2007, on a worldwide total of 1.15bn, but domestic Chinese makers are all facing huge losses. 88% of the local production is exported for a amount of $35.6bn. Thanks to overseas sales, only Huawei, ZTE and TCL are not reporting losses, out of some forty domestic handsets makers. Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson are the top four exporters. International brands production in China amounted to 338m units in 2007, or a market share of 62%. In 1Q08, MIC forecasts that China will ship 158.5m units (+15%) and 165m units in 2Q08.

  • According to Juniper Research, there would be over 800m mobile subscribers accessing mobile financial services by 2011.

  • According to CCID, mobile instant messaging (MIM) is a hot market in China with 50m users and revenues of about $200m.

  • According to In-Stat, hosted IP Centrex seats in service will reach 6.5m in the US and 14.1m worldwide by 2012, showing steady growth.

  • IDC forecasts that the Linux market would generate $50bn in revenues by 2011 (from $21bn in 2007), with growth being driven by databases and ERP for businesses.

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