Subscriber Stats - 20/04/08

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India: Bharti Airtel added 2.3m new subscribers in March, while BSNL added more than 1.6m and Vodafone Essar added just below 1.6m. Idea Cellular added 1.1m in the month. The mobile subscriber base is now respectively: 62m for Bharti, 44.1m for Vodafone Essar; 36.2m for BSNL and 24m for Idea.

KTF (S. Korea) reports 5m 3G subscribers after 14 months of operation. An impressive success!!

KDDI reports 30.1m subscribers at the end of March.

Cell C (S. Africa) has a current subscriber base of over 5m customers (+44%).

UK : a mobile subscriber base of 71m at the end of 2007, with the addition of 4.1m new users in the year. Mobile penetration had reached over 116%. O2, the market leader, reported over 20m users (+6.7%) and a market share of over 28%. Vodafone had 16.8m active subscribers (+14%) and a market share of 23.6%. Orange finished the year with 15.6m customers (+2%) and a market share of just over 22%. T-Mobile had a market share of 14.5% (down 0.5pp).

Mobistar (Belgium) reported an increase of 11.4% in its subscriber base to below 3.4m (without 200k users through MVNO deals).

Brazil: 126m mobile subscribers at the end of March, up 23%, with 1.7m net adds in the month and 4.8m in the quarter. The numbers are inflated by multiple SIM cards sold per subscriber.

EU: 3G connection numbers grew 16% in 4Q07 to 81.5m at the end of Dec. 3G amounted to over 11% of all EU connections at year-end.

Telefonica targets 150m LATAM customers by year-end.

MTS (Russia) reports 85m subscribers worldwide, of which almost 60m in Russia and 20m in Ukraine, at the end of March.

Megafon (Russia) said its subscriber base grew to 37m in March.

Bangladesh had 39m mobile subscribers in March, of which almost 18m for the market leader GrameenPhone.

China Unicom added 1.6m customers in March and reached a subscriber base of 167m users.

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