Vendor Corner - 20/04/08

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Qualcomm invest in fleet management in buying all the assets of Spanish Ronda Grupo Consultor.

Sagem Mobiles (France) plans to outsource its customer care services to Anovo.

TechFaith Wireless (China) announced it will develop and manufacture low-cost CDMA mobile handsets in Egypt in partnership with local QuickTel.

Nokia has launched a new 3G handset (N 6212 Classic) with built-in NFC (Near Field Comms) capabilities.

Telsima demonstrated a a 50km broadband connection using its WiMAX system in a 3 MHz channel under near line of sight conditions.

Sharp will unveil the worldwide first Atom-based smartphone, called D4.

ALU announces the launch of a Japanese language user interface for the Alcatel-Lucent 5620 Service Aware Manager (SAM) for the Japanese market. It signed a MoU to establish R&D activities with ETRI in Korea.

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