Regulation corner - 13/04/08

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The EC decided it will OK in-flight calls. For that, it will recommend using GSM 1800 MHz technology for ensuring interoperability among parties, but leaves airliners to install picocells on planes and define guidelines for “good behavior” in flight.

Galileo is back: EU has finally decided to fund 100% of the project, to cancel previous industrial contracts and relaunch, through ESA, new tenders for building the network. It ends 3-year negotiations to find a workable organization between industrials and the public sector.

France: the fourth national 3G license would not be issued. Related spectrum, instead, would be auctioned by blocks.

FCC has approved Globalstar' s ATC mobile satellite operations expansion to ancillary terrestrial component, in spite of CTIA (US cellular industry association) protest.

Australia has decided to set up a national high-speed broadband network in the country. RFPs for the project will be announced soon.

IDA, the Singaporian telecom regulator, will tender the building and operations of the future NBN (next gen broadband network) soon. 11 firms have pre-qualified to bid fir the contract. Operation would start by 2010 and be available countrywide by 2015.

Algeria is planning on launching a tender for a 3G mobile network.

68% of Urktelecom (Ukraine) will be privatized for about €1.5bn.

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