People - 13/04/08

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ATT has appointed John Donovan as its CTO, replacing Chris Rice, who is appointed VP of ATT' s Shared Services division..

Dave Dorman, a former ATT CEO, will become next Motorola' s non executive chairman, when current chairman Ed Zander retires from the board on May 5.

Lee Kun-hee, Samsung chairman, is considering re-organization of its group, including stepping down.

BT announced that Ian Livingston will replace Ben Verwayen as CEO, from June 1.

Toshihiko Ono, senior VP and director at Fujitsu, will quit the company.

Frederic Astier has been appointed CMO at NSN – effective April 1.

Tekelec has named Krish Prabhu for election to the Board of Directors.

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