Market Corner - 06/04/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Samsung, it held a 31% market share in the French mobile phone market, ahead of Nokia with 24% in February.

  • CTIA comments: LTE deployment could be sooner rather than later. Commercial deployments could be as soon as 2009! It is tomorrow.

  • According to the OFC/NFOEC conference, the internet traffic is doubling every 16 months.

  • According to Infonetics, demand for 3G USB keys would be booming. More than 144m 3G USB keys would be used by 2011.

  • The WiMAX Forum forecasts 133m WiMAX users by 2012.

  • According to Juniper Research, the global WiMAX service revenues, as a DSL replacement technology, would grow to over $20bn per year by 2013. 12% of the forecast DSL subscriber base for 2013 will be replaced by WiMAX.

  • Ovum RHK gives a 24% market share to Alcatel in optical networking, and the pole position. It also gives a 23% market share in the aggregation segment, a 18.5% market share in WDM segment and pole position in the metro and multi-reach dense WDM segment, and a 32.5% market share in the bandwidth management segment.

  • According to Research & Markets, 12m mobile TV people would subscriber in the first year of launch in India!!

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