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Verizon Wireless announced it will launch its future LTE network in the 700 MHz spectrum (C Block licenses including open access provisions) around 2010.

ATT Mobility also claims victory in the 700 MHz spectrum auction, adding it avoided any extra regulations with the purchase of B Block of spectrum. It will use it also to roll out its future 4G LTE network. In a separate announcement, ATT said it now supports Microsoft' Surface touch technology and Google' s Android platform. It also launched ATT Navigator, a branded LBS service.

ATT and MediaFLO launch a dedicated movie channel for mobile phones using Sony Pictures TV movies.

Sprint Nextel ' s WiMAX network (Xohm) rollout has been pushed back until later this year (for logistical reasons).

Andinatel (Ecuador) plans to invest $227m in capex this year, of which $58m for provision of wireline telephony services, roll out 30k rural lines , $27m for data and broadband and launch trials of IPTV services.

Vivo (Brazil) is planning to buy remaining shares in Telemig Celular. It already own about 54% of Telemig Celular. It will pay €429m.

Malaysian UT Group now owns over 35% stake in Sri Lankan SLT telecom operator.

Venezuelan government increases its stake in CANTV to 90% and plans to buy remaining shares from other investors.

BT, BskyB and Carphone Warehouse are planning to bid for Tiscali UK assets.

Zamtel (Zambia) has completed a fiber optic network to connect Zambia to the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

Telkom (S. Africa) has rejected Oger' s unsolicited takeover offer, and targets deploying a new network.

US MVNO Movida has filed for Chapter 11 protection.

BT gave details on the deployment of its 21CN broadband service. By April-end, 82 exchanges covering about 5% of the UK will be operational. Approx 800 other exchanges will be enabled in May 2009 and rest of the country would be covered by 2012.

China Telecom plans to buy Beijing Telecom for about $800m.

Air France has launched in-flight call test on two routes: Paris-Vienna and Paris- Munich.

T-Mobile Germany has cut the price of the 8GB iPhone to €99.

Vimpelcom (Russia) announced it has got GSM licenses extension in 50 regions.

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