Financial Performance - 06/04/08

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RIM expects to double its revenues to $2.3bn in FYQ1, beating analysts' consensus. Revenues breakdown would be 81% for handsets, 14% for service and 3% for software. In FYQ4, RIM reported revenues of $1.9bn, up 100%. RIM added 2.2m BlackBerry customers in the quarter. During its fiscal year, RIM has revenues of $6bn, up 98%, and shipped 14m smartphones.

Huawei forecasts its 2008 orders would increase 38% to more than $22bn

China Telecom reports that 2007 net profits fell by 13% to $3.4bn, on overall revenues of $25.5bn, up 2%. Revenues from its voice business fell 8% as the number of landlines fell over 1% to 220m.

Indosat announced a 23% increase in 4Q07 net profit to $65m, on revenues of $490m, up 37%. Full year results were respectively $260m (+45%) and $2.1bn (+35%).

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