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Mexico' SCT and Cofetel are planning to conduct auctions for WiMAX and 3G frequency bands. Five new telephony licenses would be issued.

The EU plan to create a super telecom regulator may fail, as Pilar de Castillo, a Member of the EU Parliament in charge of steering the proposal has questioned its workability. The plan could be changed towards the idea of an advisory body, made of the 27 national regulators.

EU is extending an antitrust probe into Nokia/ Navteq deal.

Armenia would issue a tender for a third cellular service provider in May.

Anacom (Portugal) would auction radio spectrum to introduce a fourth mobile operator in Portugal.

France: French government could drop fourth 3G license.

UK: Ofcom and the BBC Trust have announced today how they plan to work together on the process of upgrading the digital terrestrial television (DTT) platform to allow high definition (HD) services,

Australia has terminated the contract (worth about $870m) with OPEL, a consortium formed for financing broadband networks in rural areas. The main benefit is for Telstra, which was outside the consortium.

Rwanda plans to sell its stake (10%) in MTN Rwanda.

New Zealand: the government has approved a bill to split Telecom NZ into three pieces, ending its de-facto monopoly.

Qatar will offer a WiMAX license to its second wireline operator ictQATAR, as well as to Qtel, its incumbent operator.

Cuban government said that it will open up the country's mobile phone market.

India has given the green light to the deal between Tata Teleservices and Virgin Mobile. Indian anti-monopoly watchdog MRTPC has issued "notice of inquiry" against Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Essar and Idea Cellular, for anti-competitive behavior.

Slovakia' s telecom ministry has launched a tender for the fourth mobile operator.

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