Google in wireless business, again!!!

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Google was the main absent (apparently voluntarily) in the recent 700 MHz spectrum auction in the US. It did not buy any spectrum, in spite of its previously declared interest in mobility. A marketing attitude to lure rivals? Why not? In fact Google is always interested in the wireless business, but in a different manner. When rivals have spent huge amount of money buying spectrum, Google could expect less competition to gain “second-tier” spectrum, that available between TV channels (white space). It formally asked FCC to release spectrum for unlicensed broadband service usage. About equivalent to 15 to 40 channels could be freed up for Wi-Fi and other unlicensed services after the digital transition ends in early next year. Google has unveiled its plan, called "Wi-Fi 2.0”. The threat could be real for the mobile industry, and some operators (Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA and the CTIA) are already supporting the project, but voicing for licensing most of the available spectrum. Broadcasters also found arguments (interferences with TV reception) to slash the project. The FCC plans to issue rules this summer, but rising opposition, time to validate tests and public debate would make this timetable ambitious.

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