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Motorola could be split into two publicly traded companies. The announcement is nevertheless yet too vague. The company's board is just starting to analyze the process and it could not necessarily go to the separation. It could be just a manoeuvre to lower criticism from billionaire Carl Icahn, as well as the offer of two seats at the Board for Icahn fellows. The next annual shareholders’ meeting on May 5 will be interesting to follow. Icahn has refused the two board seats Motorola offered as a compromise, and has filed a law suit against Motorola for refusal of handing over documents related to its handset business. To be continued ....

Motorola is considering closing a handset design center in the U.K. It announced a new common wireless broadband platform that will be used to support both WiMAX and LTE. It also demonstrated its new CDMA femtocell. Motorola announced it has joined the LTE/System Architecture Evolution (SAE) Trial Initiative (LSTI), has completed the first successful packet-switch network handoff between CDMA EV-DO Rev. A and Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Motorola has signed an OEM procurement agreement with Airvana to get their CDMA femtocell product into its own portfolio.

Struggling SR Telecom (Canada) will be bought by Quebec-based Groupe Lagasse.

Fujitsu has become a contributor member of The Green Grid Consortium, the first from Japan.

NSN has launched an EDGE Evolution solution into its GSM/EDGE radio portfolio. This solution offers double data speeds of up to 592 kbit/s to existing EDGE-capable GSM networks.

ALU announced a major router upgrade, with the 7750 Service Router and 7450 Ethernet Service Switch now delivering Terabit performance and deep packet inspection (DPI).

Nokia continues its push into mobile content, with a DRM-free, unlimited music download service in partnership with Universal Music Group. It also said it is in talks with more music labels, including the majors. It introduced the Nokia 6300i, a GSM model with VOIP capabilities.

LG expects to become the fourth largest mobile phone maker and overtake Sony Ericsson. It plans to manufacture some 23m units this quarter.

Ericsson demonstrates end-to-end HSPA technology with speeds of up to 42 Mbit/s.

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