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ATT and NTT join the Trans-Pacific Express Consortium (TPE), to build an 18,000-km fiber-optic submarine system between APAC and the USA (to be completed in early 2010).

ATT Mobility will launch its long-awaited mobile TV service (based on MediaFLO technology) in May

AccessKenya buys a 1.25% holding in The East African Marine System (TEAMS).

Telekom Malaysia plans to list its mobile unit by the end of April.

Dish Network (direct broadcast satellite television operator in the USA) plans to launch a mobile TV service. Dish Networks/ Frontier Wireless had secured licenses in the "E" block of 700 MHz spectrum recent auction, to establish a countrywide footprint.

Afghanistan is planning to sell nearly 80% of its telecom unit, Afghan Telecom.

Vodafone is in talks for acquiring a stake in South Africa's MTN international operations. It also said Its Qatar unit is preparing an IPO, and has bought mobile phone retailer, Proton Technologies, in Romania.

Network sharing deal: in Pakistan, Ufone and Warid will share common infrastructure like telecom sites and towers over the next ten years.

DoCoMo has reached download speeds of 250Mbit/s in trials of a LTE technology.

UPC will expand its triple play services in Bratislava, Slovakia.

SK Telecom (S. Korea) plans to invest $400m in its network to boost quality and capacity.

According to the WSJ, Comcast and Time Warner Cable would participate into a WiMAX venture with Sprint Nextel and Clearwire.

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