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Nokia continues to push its content strategy by dealing with EMI for unlimited music download service. It made a deal with ACME Tele Power to offer efficient operation, maintenance and energy management solutions to telecom operators.

AeroMobile announced that Emirates Airline has successfully completed its first flight offering in-air cellular service. AeroMobile solution allows passengers to use their own mobile phones.

Apple is rumored to talk with Media Majors to offer unlimited iTunes access for a monthly fee. Talks are still centered on revenue-sharing. It could be part of Apple' s counteract to Nokia' s aggressive strategy in content distribution.

Motorola introduces a dual-mode Wi-Fi/cellular handset, as part of its TEAM product line.

Windows Mobile 6 (from Microsoft) will come with Adobe's Flash Lite and Reader programs.

HTC plans to introduce its Dream smartphone by the end of the year. It would be the first handset based on Google Android platform commercially available.

Sagem Mobile (France) is for sale. The Safran subsidiary is in the red (€121m in 2007) and continues to loose market share (just above 13% in 2007 from over 24% in good days). Sony Ericsson or an equity fund is rumored to be likely the winner.

Samsung plans building a mobile handset plant in Vietnam. The investment would be around $670m.

Avaya introduces One-X Communicator, a single open communication interface for various devices and applications (voice, video, presence, mobility, ...). Lenovo will offer a laptop version.

Nortel adds Tandberg (after Polycom) as advanced video conferencing service partner. It also is unveiling new unified communications solutions for the enterprise.

Infinera has announced a 400Gbit/s chip, integrating 10 lightwaves at 40 Gbit/s each.

ECI Telecom equipment will be distributed in Australia by ACC (Australian Communications Consortium).

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