Regulation - 22/03/08

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FCC: a success for the 700 MHz auction in the US, with almost $20bn in revenues collected in 261 rounds, 214 applicants of which over 100 received spectrum. The big winners are Verizon Wireless and ATT Mobility spending over 2/3 of the total revenues and respectively receiving 10 C-block, 77 B-block and 25 A-block licenses for VZ and 227 B-block licenses for ATT. Surprisingly, Google walked away with no 700 MHz licenses. The D-block (the national commercial-public safety license) did not received much interest and was not sold. It will be re-offer later.

Kenya will proceed to the long-awaited IPO for Safaricom, the country's largest mobile operator. 25% of Safaricom will be for sale for an amount around $500m.

The EU Commission will back the DVB-H mobile TV standard, but will not forced EU countries to adopt it.

The EU Commission would propose Telefonica network split. More to come during the week.

The EU Commission targets to increase broadband penetration rate in the European Union from the current 20% to 30% by 2010.

In China, a new IT super ministry has been formed, still called MII, but including industrialization, regulation and development across all of the telecom, IT and electronics sectors. This will end rivalry between ex-MII and NDRC over telecom and IT development. The new MII is headed by Li Yizhong. Just one point is missing in the new law: an independent telecom regulatory body has yet to be established.

Sweden: PTS, the Swedish telecom regulator has been empowered to force functional separation on dominant network operators.

Peru: the local regulator, Osiptel,cuts ADSL operator costs to boost competition in the ADSL market.

Russia: Moscow will have 3G services by the end of the year thanks to liberalization of frequencies by the Ministry of Defense.

India' s Department of Telecom (DoT) will allow foreign and incumbent operators to provide 3G services in the country.

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