Market Corner - 16/03/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Informa, the worldwide number of IPTV customers increased to over 12m at the end of 2007. 57% were in Western Europe. France accumulated 5m subscribers, the US about 1m as well as China. In the same domain, ABI Research forecasts 90m users by 2013, while Informa forecasts 38.4m by 2012.

  • In-Stat reports that 3G mobile subscribers growth is expected to decline from 91% in 2007 to 63% in 2008 to reach 375m (from 230m) and 970m by 2012. In spite of this growth, 2G technologies are still expected to dominate the total cellular subscriber base through 2012, with about 70% share of the cellular subscriber base..

  • In another report, In-Stat said that the IP set-top box market doubled in 2007 to over 8m units. Growth in unit will be offset by piece erosion to let the market flat at $2bn.

  • Egypt mobile market: Orascom leads the market with 50% share, followed by Vodafone with 47% and Etisalat Misr with 3%. Mobile penetration is at 30%, but the Egyptian market has amongst the highest growth potentials in the region.

  • NSN claims the pole position as leading 3G supplier in the LATAM region.

  • Green networking is fashionable: according to In-Stat, power consumption and green issues are fast becoming competitive advantage and important criteria for future equipment purchases.

  • The Welsh University has developed a new technology, using existing infrastructure, boosting broadband speeds by more than 100 times the current rates (download 15 movies in just one minute).

  • Strategy Analytics forecasts that US IPTV revenues would be worth $13.7bn by 2012, from $694m in 2007.

  • China produced almost 600m mobile phones in 2007, of which more than 46m were illegal products.

  • According to MIC, global mobile subscriber base would reach 4.5bn by 2012 (from 3.1bn in 2007).

  • The EU Commission has cleared the Google- DoubleClick merger.

  • Juniper Research found that mobile entertainment revenues (including music, games and TV) would generate $47bn by 2010.

  • Indonesia has launched a plan to provide broadband to 20% of the Indonesian population by 2012.

  • According to F&S, Asian mobile video market generated $440m in revenues (most in S. Korea) in 2007 and would grow to $1.9bn in 2013. But high prices are the biggest barrier to faster mobile video take-up.

  • China claims it has the biggest internet population with 210m users at year-end 2007.

  • IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) use would generate $300bn in extra revenues for mobile operators over the next five years, according to ABI Research.

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