Global operator strategies - 16/03/08

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Canada plans to introduce a new national operator. The auction is to begin on 27 May 2008.

France Telecom/ Viaccess buys Orca Interactive for €14m. Orca is an IPTV supplier and will fit into FT' s IPTV strategy.

NTT plans to sell its 35% stake in Sri Lanka Telecom to Maxis Comms (Malaysia) for about $215m.

KT and KTF (both in S. Korea) are in talks about a possible merger.

UK had about 4m unbundled lines at the end of February.

Vodafone could acquire the remaining stake in German fixed line operator Arcor for about €500m.

AOL (Time Warner) will pay $850m to buy Bebo, a UK-based social networking site with more than 40m users worldwide.

Teliasonera said it has won favorable ruling from the International Chamber of Commerce regarding a transfer of Turkcell shares from Cukurova to Alfa Group in 2005, violating share transfer restrictions. Teliasonera was to buy Turkcell shares.

ATT posts its developer guidelines to the web, taking another step (after unveiling its SDK kit) towards a more open network. It will be followed by Verizon this week.

STC (Saudi Arabia) plans to invest $14bn for expanding into foreign emerging markets (Lebanon, Vietnam, Egypt, Yemen, ..).

Telekom Malaysia plans to spend over $3bn in a 10-year national broadband project.

Teliasonera Finland with its aim to discontinue fixed services in sparsely populated areas is the first former incumbent to publicly adopt a fixed-to-mobile strategy. That would likely trigger a review from the European Commission on the Universal Access subject.

Russia plans to privatize Svyazinvest before the end of 2008.

UK regulator, OFCOM, has confirmed plans to release L-band spectrum for mobile TV.

Brasil telecom is launching a new fixed-mobile service called Unico WiFi, using WiFi for low-cost calls.

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