Global vendor strategies - 09/03/08

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Motorola is looking for a new leader for its struggling mobile phone unit. Meanwhile, Carl Icahn has increased its stake in the company to 6.3% (from 5% last month). Carl Icahn favored a sale of the mobile phone unit.

NSN outsources R&D to Tata Consultancy Services via a multi-million Euro agreement.

Nokia won another set in the court battle with Qualcomm. A UK court confirmed the US ruling that Nokia is not infringing Qualcomm' s patents regarding GSM mobile phone standards.

Microsoft opens books: it will edit more technical documentation, as well as APIs and Windows communication protocols for its mass products.

Huawei and Bain would re-seek US approval for the acquisition of 3Com.

Apple has delivered iPhone SDK (software development kit) as promised.

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