2007 mobile phones market (Gartner)

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In 2007, 1.15bn cellular phones (+16%) were shipped worldwide, according to Gartner. Nokia sold 435.4m units and gained a 37.8% market share. Motorola is second with 164.3m units shipped and a 14.3% market share. Samsung is just below with 154.5m units sold and a 13.4% market share. The Sony-Ericsson with 8.8% share with 101.4m units shipped; LG with 6.8% share with 78.6m units shipped. All players listed have increased their market share except Motorola that lost almost 7 points. (In many other outputs from other market research firms, Motorola was distanced by Samsung for the second place). In 4Q07, 112m units (+9.5%) were sold in APAC, 55m (+2%) in Western Europe, 55m (+9.2%) in NA, 12.5m (-3.6%) in Japan, and almost 62m units in Eastern Europe.

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