Infrastructure sharing

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We heard for network sharing for years, but it is obvious that operators chose deploying their own 3G infrastructure. We acknowledged, however, from time to time some tie-up: here for mast or cell sites, there for radio and base stations. Analysys, however, forecasts that network sharing is back. The rationale is simple: MNOs will have to spent a lot of money in the future to upgrade their networks and meet demand. Just to name few inevitable investments: all-IP, femtocells, IMS, LTE and 4G, backhaul networks, broadcasting and fixed networks. Many MNOs will not have the resources to do that quickly enough to catch with the market evolution. Recent announcements of network sharing between major MNOs tend to give consistency to the vision. Just to recall T-Mobile and 3UK, Indian heavyweights to share towers, Vodafone Essar willing to share infrastructure in India, and some few others. MNOs seem finally realize now that nearly 100% coverage (2G current situation) is the main asset when targeting to migrate users to 3G services.

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