Global vendor strategies - 02/03/08

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Siemens confirmed its decision to get out of the communications-hardware business (SEN unit and other call center business) and to become a software-and-solution provider only. SEN is the last remaining telecom asset apart from cordless phones.

Motorola has bought the assets of Dahua Digital (China). Dahua Digital makes and markets cable set-tops and other integrated circuits. It will be integrated in Motorola' s Home & Networks Mobility business. In a separate announcement, Motorola said it will re-enter the Malaysian marketplace with a $110m investment.

Nokia- Qualcomm: peace in sight. They will discuss to resolve their major disputes.

The European Commission fined Microsoft a record €900bn for failing to comply with a 2004 ruling over its dominance of the computer operating systems market.

ECI Telecom is trying to sell its DSLAM business.

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