Fixed operator strategies - 02/03/08

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KPN (NL) has signed a deal with Sprint Nextel to use its IP networks in North America.

MGTS (Russia) plans to deploy a $100m ADSL2+ infrastructure with internet broadband speed up to 24Mbit/s.

Hellas Sat will deploy use Newtec's Satellite Multimedia Broadband System named Sat3Play for providing broadband services to residential subscribers in Greece.

PCCW, Batelco and Verizon have been granted licenses for launching fixed-line networks in Saudi Arabia.

BTTB (Bangladesh) has signed a deal to deploy a back-up fiber optic link to the capital city of Dhaka with the SEAMEWE 4 international submarine cable system.

Singtel announced it has signed a deal with Global Transit, Bharti Airtel, Pacnetto, KDDI and Google to build a new 10,000km, $300m submarine cable system between the US and Japan.

France' s telecom regulator ARCEP has announced plans to ease regulation in the country's fixed voice market. IP telephony represents there about 44% of the total volume of fixed-line calls in 2007 and competition is real.

Vietnam plans to spend $1bn upgrading its broadband networks in the next two years.

Japan has successfully launched a new telecom satellite (Kizuna) to allow 'super high-speed' data transmission.

Egypt will issue a second national landline license, ending Telecom Egypt monopoly, during the year. Bids are received until June 19, 2008.

Telecom Italia wins three WIMAX licenses and will operate in the seven regional macro areas in Italy. The Italian WiMAX auction process ended on February 28, and collected €138m.

Telmex Colombia re-brands (under the Telmex brand) the businesses of the five CATV companies it bought in Colombia in the past 18 months (Cable Pacifico, Superview, Teledinamica, Cablecentro and Satelcaribe).

Romania will issue WiMAX licenses in the 3600-3800 MHz band.

Tata Comms. (India) plans $1bn WiMAX roll-out in India over the next three years.

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