Integrated telcos or not?

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China is finalizing its telecom restructuring, and it is an opportunity to think at the telecom evolution and the future. What is outlined from the Chinese plan, and confirmed by various recent operator moves is the consolidation of different telecom businesses in a single entity. Convergence and service aggregation are expected and everybody wants to be prepared for the battle. Three Chinese integrated operators (both fixed and mobile) would be replacing six current single play operators (either fixed or mobile). But China is not isolated. Most of mobile players have already launched fixed broadband services. Remember Vodafone strategy, as well as Orange, and lots of many others. Or fixed line operators starting mobile businesses either as MVNOs, by their own, or through deals. In a similar approach, most of incumbents have re-unified their fixed and mobile brands (i.e. Orange, ..). The important move is to tightly control the network, be it fixed or mobile, and offer integrated/ converged mobile and fixed services. Just the method to get it in China is more state-run, direct and fast.

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