Unlimited plans

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It the new fashion in the telecom market. Of course, it is not new, but the size, coverage and weight of players of new propositions are appealing. In short, main US mobile operators have launched or announced plans with flat-rate pricing. For $100 per month, you can make unlimited, anytime, locally or domestic long distance, voice call or data connection and/or text/picture messaging. Verizon Wireless, ATT Mobile and T-Mobile USA have announced such plans across the US. They join existing plans from MVNOs such as Helio. These flat rate will make mobile broadband more affordable than ever. No doubt that the move will give ideas to mobile operators in other countries where, up to now, unlimited calling plans are seldom. T-Mobile USA has also announced an additional plan, called Talk Forever Home Phone, which is an internet service (VOIP) with unlimited domestic calls for $10 per month. A $50 router is needed ans is used as hotspot to connect internet from your regular mobile phone. This service is far less expensive than competition (around $15). In Europe, Telefonica has launched a €15 per month, flat-rate, up to 1000 minutes, calling plan for mobile calls to Telefonica' s fixed lines. Vodafone Spain also introduced a similar service to use cellular phones to make calls to fixed lines at a reduced rate from their homes.

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