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Open source was one of the main topic in Barcelona MWC. Very fierce competition for market domination, but it is not easy. Too many players and too many offers resulting in a high market fragmentation. There are the heavyweights such as Symbian and Windows Mobile, but are far from open, then there are a lot of small players grouped under various initiatives such as Limo Mobile, Lips, Mobilinux Open Framework, ...or Open Handset Alliance (Android), promoting open source software Linux. The result is an higher complexity when integrating the software on different platforms and therefore higher costs. Operators are demanding for standardized platforms to rapidly deploy new services, and remember Vodafone CEO recent call on the subject. Google (with Android) and Access are the most prominent players, but will they succeed to balance Symbian and Microsoft powerful approach. Access has announced the win of Orange account among its customers (the first in Europe), adding it to a lot of Asian operators. Android is just a prototype yet, but Google has high expectation with it.

The competition will be fierce, as the market is worth 330m units in the 2008-2012 time frame according to ABI Research. The market will grow at a 75% CAGR on the period. But clarification and consolidation are mandatory.

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