Market corner - 17/02/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to In-Stat, there is a huge potential market for ultra-low-cost (ULC) handsets in the next few years in China (yet 800m potential customers). It believes that there would be over 80m new mobile subscribers per year between 2008 and 2012, mainly low-income consumers, elderly and children and PHS phone users.

  • Crystal ball: Analysys predicts that LTE subscribers would exceed 400m by 2015 and that LTE revenues would be 15% of global mobile revenues. With LTE, non-voice services would represent 36% of revenues in developed markets.

  • According to PAC, the open source software market in Western Europe is worth €730m (+66%). Open source software revenues account for 2.4% of the software market in France and below 1% in UK and Germany.

  • According to TCA, shipments of mobile TV handsets in Japan have reached 20m units in less than two years.

  • Almost one quarter of mobile users worldwide could be regular users of mobile-based social networks within the next five years.

  • According to ABI Research, the Fixed Mobile Convergence market is set to expand to 250m users by 2012.

  • Mobile social networking revenues could reach $52bn by 2012.

  • According to Vodafone CEO, mobile internet is key to growth and the future of the mobile industry.

  • Gartner forecasts that location-based services would grow 170% in 2008.

  • According to Hungama, the global mobile entertainment industry would grow to around $42bn by 2010, from current $27-30bn.

  • A new Ericsson/ CNN mobile TV research study found strong customer demand (over 34%) for mobile TV on their phone.

  • Scientists have developed textiles that produce power simply by being stretched (interest in battery loading for mobile phone).

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