FT 2007 results

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FT said its 2007 profit was up 52% to €6.3bn, on revenues of €53bn, up 2.4%. Personal Communications Services were particularly strong with 7.5% growth in 4Q07 and almost 110m customers. 3G customers were 13m, of which 7.4m in France. MVNO customer base grew to 1.9m.

Home comms services reported a strong increase in ADSL broadband customers to 11.7m, of which 7.3m in France. VOIP customer figure reached 4.8m (up 100%), while IPTV customer base was 1.2m (mainly in France), up 110%. Voice services were down 17%. Enterprise Comms Services revenues were €7.7bn, up 1%. EBITDA slightly rose to €4.5bn in the quarter, while the EBITDA margin is stable at 36%. Annual EBITDA climbed to €19bn (+3%). Cash flow amounted to €7.8bn in 2007, above expectations. Debt was €38bn, down €4bn in the year.

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