Market Corner - 02/03/08

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to Gfk, the French mobile market leader is still Samsung with almost 30% market share in volume and 36.5% in value. In addition Samsung grew by 32% in 2007, more than double of Nokia' growth rate with 14%. Nokia is second with almost 25% market share. Sagem is third with 13.4% followed by Sony Ericsson on its heels with 13%. LG is fifth with 8.6%, overtaking Motorola at the sixth place (-12%). Globally, the French mobile phone market reached €6.2bn in value (+6%) and 22m units in volume (+11%).

  • According to Juniper, the NA market for mobile games could exceed $3bn by 2012.

  • According to In-Stat, between 8m and 30m customers in North America will be using NFC-based contactless payments by 2012.

  • A new application for mobile handsets: read documents for blind people.

  • Frost & Sullivan forecasts that Africa's demand for Mobile Internet Access would grow at 40%-50% rate between 2006 and 2009.

  • The Russian mobile handset market reached $6.8bn in 2007, from which Nokia took almost 31%.

  • The Femto Forum has launched a program to enable the integration of femtocells into mobile core networks. The initiative aims unite methods of integrating many different types of femtocell, as well as setting the stage for the development of future standards.

  • In-Stat forecasts over 150m smartphones sold in Europe by 2012 (from about 70m in 2007); growth would be driven by generous data plans and HSDPA increasing availability.

  • ABI Research reports that mobile TV subscribers would reach 462 million by 2012.

  • France: 10m VOIP subscribers, while FT lost 4.2m fixed customers during 2007. 14.8m broadband customers (+26%) and 4.1m IPTV subscribers. 53M mobile subscribers (+6.6%).

  • Ericsson forecasts a "flattish" 2008 mobile infrastructure market.

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