Mobile Operator strategies - 03/02/08

Publié le par Jean Arnal

Cosmofon (Macedonia) has been granted a 3G license in Macedonia.

SKT (S.Korea) has signed a deal with Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) to provide movies to its mobile users.

Telkom Malaysia is considering an initial public offering for its mobile unit to fund its overseas expansion.

Orascom Telecom, via its 75%-owned affiliate CHEO Technology, has won a mobile license in North Korea.

Hong Kong: the launch of CDMA 2000 standard 3G cellular services is scheduled in Nov. 2008

Netia (Poland) plans to sell its 23.4% stake in mobile player P4 to Novator and Tollerton Investments for €130m in cash.

Ancel (Uruguay) has launched a DVB-H mobile TV service in Punta del Este.

Oi and Brasil Telecom (both in Brazil) announced their plan to merge.

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