Subscriber figures 2 - 03/02/08

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Verizon Wireless added 6.7m mobile customers in 2007 (+2m in 4Q07), to bring its subscriber base to 65.7m at the end of the year.

Verizon wireline' s total base of phone lines decreased over 8% to 41.4m. Broadband connections stood at 8.2m as of Dec. 31, up 18%. FiOS TV subscriber number reached 1m.

ATT Wireless serves over 70m mobile users.

Swisscom has reached 5m mobile users.

Etisalat reports that mobile subscribers rose 15% to 6.4m (up 15%) in 2007 while fixed-line users grew 3% to 1.3m.

DT announced its T-Mobile unit had some 120m mobile subscribers, up 11%, at the end of 2007. T-Mobile Germany ended 2007 with 36m users, while T-Mobile UK had 17.3m users (+2%). T-Mobile USA added 951k (+5%) new users in 4Q07, 3.6m new users in 2007, and reached 28.7m mobile subscribers at the end of 2007. DT lost 2.1m traditional landline customers in Germany in the year, but increased its broadband users by 22% to a total of 12.5m. At the end of the year it had 31m landlines (-6.5%) in Germany.

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