People - 03/02/08

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Jean-Christophe Giroux quits ALU France management team, but remains in the group. ALU France has presented an extension of its voluntary-based restructuring program that would result in the loss of some 400 positions, all of which will be done on a voluntary basis. ALU has announced the loss of some 4000 positions worldwide in addition to the 12500 layoffs announced previously.

Jack Cowper has been appointed president and COO of Rohde & Schwarz.

Sprint Nextel: William G. Arendt will be appointed acting CFO.

Mauro Montanaro, ex Nokia executive, has been named CEO of mobile entertainment provider Jamba.

Jim McKenna, LogicaCMG COO and executive director, has decided to leave the company.

Yahoo said it will lay off some 1000 workers from its 14,300 employees.

Ericsson may lay off 4000 workers, following bad 4Q07 results and poor 2008 outlook.

Redback' s CEO Kevin DeNuccio has been moved.

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