Global operator strategies - 27/01/08

Publié le par Jean Arnal

STC (Saudi Arabia) has bought 35% of Oger Telecom for $2.6bn.

Forthnet (Greece) said it is in talks to sell 20% stake to Maltacom.

Telefonica plans to invest $7bn in Brazil in next few years.

Oger Telecom has made a non-binding bid on Telkom South Africa.

Turkey will sell 15% of Turk Telecom in May via an IPO.

Mexico will be the first LATAM country to introduce portability, sometimes in the middle of the year.

China Telecom plans to merge with its 20 subsidiary companies.

ATT is reportedly looking for taking over KPN (NL).

DoCoMo is partnering with Google to provide Internet searches and other services on the carrier's handsets. DoCoMo is also working on Google' s handset platform Android.

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