Fixed Operator strategies - 27/01/08

Publié le par Jean Arnal

CMT, the Spanish telecom regulator, has ruled out forcing Telefonica to share cable ducts of its new fiber-optic network.

O2 Germany offers unlimited access to the Napster music service with all new DSL subscriptions.

Italy has received 29 bids for WIMAX spectrum.

Free offers a new internet box with built-in BPL (broadband over Power Line).

Soma Networks (India), in partnership with BSNL, plans to deploy an expansive mobile WiMAX network covering 250m people.

ATT provides free access to its nationwide Wi-Fi network to its 10m broadband users.

Rasca (Costa Rica) starts offering WiMAX services in the country.

Monaco Telecom will test WiMAX with Alvarion.

Orange France is believed preparing satellite pay TV service across France.

Videotron (Canada) will upgrade its VOD service with Concurrent.

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