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China: the internet users number reached 210m and could overtake the US this year. China Telecom added 7.3m broadband customers in 2007 and ended 2007 with 220.3m customers (copper and WLL), down from 223m in 12/06. China Netcom lost 4.1m fixed line customers in the past year. China Mobile added 6.6m new users in Dec.07 and 68m in the year to 369m. China Unicom added 18m new customers in 2007, to a total of 160m at year-end.

Bangladesh ended 2007 with 34.4m mobile subscribers, up 58%.

India: at year-end, they were 233.6m (+56%) mobile users in India, 39.5m (-2%) fixed-line subscribers and 3.1m broadband internet customers (+181%). Airtel had 55.2m mobile users, ahead of Reliance with 41m users and Vodafone Essar with 39.9m. BSNL claimed the fourth position with 33m subs.

Russia had 173m mobile subscribers at year-end, of which 82m from MTS.

Ukraine ended 2007 with 55.6m mobile customers.

Tajikistan: the number of mobile users tripled in 2007 to 2.1m with penetration rate around 30%.

ATT added a record 2.7m new mobile customers in 4Q07, and finished 2007 with 70m mobile users (including Dobson Wireless).

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