World broadband overview - 3Q07

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Point Topic has released its 3Q07 statistics. Briefly, the worldwide total of broadband users was 329m, up 25%, while broadband penetration was 5.7% (up 1.1 point). In fact, the total number of subscriber net additions has steadily decreased in 2007 from over 18m in 1Q07 to less than 15m in 3Q08. In geographical terms, APAC continues to lead the market with a share of 38% (and growth of 35%), ahead of Europe (W+E) with almost 32% (and growth of 34%), followed by Americas (N+S) with 27.5% (and growth of 25%), distancing ROW with 2.6% (and growth of 6%). Three technologies are mainly used: DSL accounting for 66% or almost 207m users, cable modem with over 71m users or less than 22% market share, and FTTx with some 35m users or 11% market share. The DSL installed base is split between Europe and APAC with 38% each, followed by Americas with 20%. The cable modem installed base is dominated by Americas with 60%, followed by Europe with over 22% and APAC with 16.6%. The FTTx installed base is over-dominated by APAC with about 85%, followed by Europe with 7.5% and Americas with 5.7%. Leading countries are almost unchanged; USA continue to lead with 65.5m subscribers, but with a lower growth rate of 3.3% qoq, followed by China with 63m users, but the highest growth rate with 5.9%. China added almost 1.5m broadband lines more than the USA in 3Q07, and distance between the two countries is steadily shortening. Behind are Japan with less than 28m users and a growth rate of 2.2%; Germany with 16.6m subs and the second highest growth rate with 5.5%; UK with 15.1m connections and 4.2 growth rate; France is just behind with 14.8m users, but growth rate slowed to 3.6%; S. Korea had 14.6m subscribers and a growth rate of 1%.

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