Top 10 MNOs IN MEA

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The region is one of the fastest growing region and recorded over 32m mobile user additions in 3Q07. African countries are driving the growth. The list of top 10 MNOs is not evolving a lot, but inside ranking is moving. Vodacom (S. Africa) leads the pack with some 22.5m customers in spite of de-connecting some 2.9m users for very low activity, and TCI (Iran) follows with 19.5m users. Glo Mobile (Nigeria) is the star and took the third place (but with some concern on the portion of inactive connections that could be as high as 17%) with about 16m, overtaking STC (Saudi Arabia) with 15.8m subscribers. Then two MTN subsidiaries follow with respectively almost 15m for MTN Nigeria and 14.1m for MTN S. Africa. Mobinil (Egypt) added 1.8m new subscribers in the quarter to a total of about 13.8m. Maroc Telecom reported 12.8m users and took the eighth rank, just ahead of Orascom Algeria with 12.7m users. Vodafone Egypt added 1.2m new users to a total of 12.2m.

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