Subscriber figures - 12/01/08

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Pakistan: 4.6m fixed line subscribers, of which 1.6 m wireless local loop users.

Celtel Uganda currently has 1.5m mobile users.

India added 8.3m new mobile subscribers in November.

PLDT (Philippines) has over 30m (+6%) mobile customers at the end of 2007.

Telecel/Tigo (Paraguay) had about 2m subscribers at the end of 2007.

Argentina had almost 39m mobile lines in service at the end of November.

S. Korea reports almost 43.5m mobile subscribers at end-Dec 07.

Uruguay: 3.2m mobile lines in service at the end of November, of which 1.25m for Ancel, 1.2m for Movistar and 0.75m for CTI Movil.

Bangladesh: over 33m mobile subscribers in November.

Hong Kong ended 2007 with 9.4m mobile users (+7%).

Peru had about 15.6m (+77%) mobile lines at the end of 2007, with a 55% penetration rate.

Ecuador announced almost 10m mobile subscribers at the end of Nov., of which Porta had 6.8m and Movistar 2.6m.

China ended 2007 with 526m mobile customers, of which 484m are GSM and 42m are CDMA.

Japan: KDDI gained over 2.3m net additions in 2007, followed by Softbank with 2.1m, and DoCoMo with only 0.94m. The total number of mobile subscribers passed 100m mark for the first time.

India: the mobile subscriber base was 222m (including WLL) at the end of the year; 38m fixed lines; 2.7m broadband access;

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