People - 12/01/08

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Motorola announced 1600 layoffs done in 4Q07.

LG USA has appointed Jeff Hwang as president.

ALU announced the appointment of Vivek Mohan as President of the company’s business in India, and the appointment of Rémi Thomas as Vice President, Investor Relations.

Vodafone CEO earns a $90m bonus in stock options.

D. Hesse, new Sprint Nextel CEO, resigned for Nokia Board of Directors (a position he held since 2005).

Ofcom (UK) announced the appointment of Anna Bradley to chair the independent Consumer Panel.

Bruce Jaffe, Microsoft corporate developments vice president, will quit the company at the end of Feb. Stephen Elop, current Juniper COO, will be hired by Microsoft to head the Business division, replacing Jeff Raikes who quits Microsoft.

Orange UK is appointing Andrew Ralston (ex Virgin director) as COO, Gerry McQuade as chief development officer, and Steven Day as chief of staff and communications.


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