Mobile operator strategies - 24/12/07

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Kyivstar (Ukraine) has been awarded a 3G license in Ukraine.

Telkom Kenya says that it plans to roll out a GSM network, as soon as it is granted a national mobile license. Telkom Kenya already operates a CDMA network.

China Mobile and China Unicom are cutting down their international roaming fees,

3 is launching Skypephone handset in Sweden, Denmark and Austria.

Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) will become MVNO in Japan, using DoCoMo' s FOMA 3G network.

Ipko (Kosovo) has launched its GSM services in the region.

Dutch MVNOs are holding about 18% of the local mobile market, with about 3.3m users.

Japan awarded next-generation wireless broadband service license to both WILLCOM and KDDI-led Group.

3 UK and T-Mobile UK have signed an agreement to combine their 3G access networks and almost complete population coverage (98%).

America Movil announced a deal with Yahoo to provide mobile internet services to 16 LATAM countries.

Vivo, TIM and Oi won first lots, in area 1, in 3G spectrum auction in Brazil. Prices are considered to be extremely high.

Vivo (Brazil) sells Amazonia Celular to Oi (all in Brazil).

Digicel has been granted a 25-year license for operating mobile services in Honduras. It has also been awarded a license to launch GSM services in the British Virgin Islands.

KPN will participate in launching a new MVNO in Spain using Orange network.

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