Subscriber figures - 24/12/07

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Brazil: the Brazilian mobile operators association (Acel) forecasts 118m mobile subscribers by the end of 2007, and that total would grow by 10-12% in 2008. In November, there were 116.3m mobile users. There were 7.1m fixed broadband accesses in Brazil at the end of September, up over 8%.

China had 1.15m (+110%) IPTV subscribers at the end of November.

Australia: Telstra reports over 2m HSDPA subscribers

MTS (Russia) had 80m mobile customers at the end of November.

China Unicom added 1.4m new customers in November, to bring its total to 159m.

China Mobile added 6.5m new customers in November, bringing its total to 363m.

Pakistan reached 75m mobile users in Nov.

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