Verizon announced big changes

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What to think about two major announcements from Verizon Wireless? The first one is about its mobile network evolution. Verizon Wireless is now one of the largest CDMA networks in the world. But Verizon decided to move to LTE, the GSM world' s 3GPP future standard. It is a blow for the CDMA world and specifically for Qualcomm and the future 4G CDMA technology standard called Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB). Verizon plans LTE commercial launch as early as 2010. Trials will be conducted with ALU, NSN, Motorola, Ericsson and Nortel. It is certainly a good news for Vodafone, Verizon' s partner in Verizon Wireless, as Vodafone has also chosen LTE for its network evolution, and will be in a position to closely work for the first time with Verizon Wireless (VW runs a CDMA network and Vodafone runs a GSM network). The second one is about the openness of its network to any devices (following some minimal technical standards) and applications in the coming year. Open access is a significant change in Verizon position. With the measure, Verizon wants to give customers what they want, but also to prepare the company to the open-access provision required in the 700 MHz auction.

In both cases, Verizon supports open-access vision.


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