Market corner - 25/11/07

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A few set of market information released this week:

  • According to NPD, US 3Q07 handset sales jumped 47% to $3.2bn and 38m (+16%) units shipped. Motorola remains the market leader with 31% share, followed by LG with 17%, Samsung with 16%, then Nokia with 11%. Smartphones (and not only iPhone) were doing very well with 11% of all sales (from 4% a year ago). In a separate statement, Strategy Analytics found that 55% of top 10 selling device volumes are 3G.

  • The ITU targets global harmonization of spectrum for use by International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) in order to ease international roaming and equipment interoperability. Five frequency bands are identified: - 450-470 MHz

  • 700 MHz in Americas and part of Asia

  • 800 MHz in EMEA, CIS, Mongolia and part of Asia

  • 2.3- 2.4GHz

  • 3.4- 3.6GHZ

  • According to GfK, Turkish mobile phone sales reached 8.3m units in 3Q07, up 45%, and €1.4bn, up 25%.

  • CCID announced that China' s smartphone sales amounted to $2.2bn in 3Q07, up 11% qoq, and 6.4m units were shipped (+5% qoq).

  • In-Stat forecasts that total unit shipments of digital terrestrial set top boxes will pass 47m in 2011.

  • According to Dell'Oro, the worldwide mobile infrastructure market grew 4% in 3Q07, while APAC and LATAM combined revenues jumped 38% offsetting declines (double digit %) in NA and EMEA regions. GSM networks sales increased 7% while base stations shipments jumped 40% in the quarter, highlighting a serious price war.

  • Juniper Research announced that the mobile gambling market would hit $5bn in 2012.

  • ABI Research announced that SIP services would generate $150bn in revenues by 2012.

  • According to 3G America, GSM technology accounts for over 62% of the Americas marketplace. GSM subscribers there were 384m at the end of Sept. Accordingly, CDMA share declined to 31% and 193m customers in the Americas.

  • Informa forecasts that the 3G mobile market would have 1.7bn subscribers, of which 1.3bn W-CDMA (78% market share) and 230m CDMA EV-DO (14% market share).

  • MRG forecasts almost 73m IPTV service subscribers worldwide in 2011 (from 13.5m in 2007).

  • First Docsis 3.0 are submitted to CableLabs for Certification Wave 56. Arris, Motorola and SA/ Cisco are along the vendors.

  • A telecom agency in West Africa in formation: 60 telecom service providers are discussing the creation of a dialog platform in telecom for the improvement of telecom in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (UEMOA).


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